Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Style for all

By the title, I'm referring to clothes being able to be styled by everyone^ This came from the latest menswear release in the Plaza (those male dolls really need some more attention in the plaza, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there wanting a lot more clothing for the guys) where there were some great choices available that I've been seeing worn by both the male and female dolls! This is a little of a preparation to a post I will be posting at my own blog next week, but right now I wanted to style one of my favourite pieces from a past Mr release - the Independence Shirt. I've styled this before and also featured it recently on a blog post - but I enjoy putting it into looks so much I've gone for some more:

This is quite different for me because there really is a pop of bright colour as soon as you look! This shirt is very versatile and not just for male dolls because there's many ways I've gotten it to work on myself too^ Shoes and accessories were about being minimal for me, trying to stick with the masculine trend, so it was about the flats and the trainers (even if they are glittered^). Clothing, especially outerwear was where the flair comes from for me, with bright colours and interesting shapes. The shirt also gives the chance to wear yellow, not often you can say that! But it also works incredibly well with white, a colour I'm sure we're all adept to styling with, it's my favourite clothing colour by far at the moment. And as well as more dressed up white pieces, like the trousers and skirt at the top, jeans work well too and it's easy to find a few pairs in your wardrobe that will work out.

Let me know what you think in the comments! xx

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